Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lake Powell RC Modelers Meeting Minutes February 14, 2017

Members Present:  Bob Martin, Tom Zwack, Jon Ridpath, Pam Brown

11.        Treasurer Report – Account balance is $3681.80 after paying $120 to AMA for club membership.  $40 club dues for the 2017-2018 year can be paid at the March meeting on March 14.   If you can’t make it to that meeting, you can put a check for $40 in the mail to LPRCModelers at POBox 1952, Page, AZ 86040.  Please put your AMA number on your check for reference.  For example, Bob’s AMA number is 63904.
22.       Thanks to Judy Kitson and the local Tractor Club, we now have three sets of bleachers at the field.  Hopefully that will handle the crowds that come to see us fly!  We are happy to help out the Tractor Club.
33.       Bob has purchased a drone.  Tom will contact AMA to add a drone category to our airfield listing with AMA.  As a courtesy, drone pilots are asked to wait until all fixed wing aircraft are on the ground before they fly.
44.       Weeds have been under control from the magic recipe Tom Zwack developed.  Tom and Pam are planning to do a little more weed spraying this spring to keep ahead of the weeds.  Tom has enough chemicals.  We will use the barrels Tom got for water to use in the mixing of the chemicals.
55.       The end of April or early May we will schedule a work day at the field depending on weather and field conditions. 
66.       We are starting a maintenance item list to address on work day.  We may be able to get some used pond liner from NGS.  If we do, this would be a great time to pull up the belting, fill the low spot in the pits with sand, cover with the pond liner, and anchor down the belting along the edge to prevent water pooling and wind erosion.  We’ll need to make rebar stakes with large washers to anchor the belting.  Maybe the tractor club could help us put sand in the low spot with their tractors.
77.       We have no more information on the current state of the City’s grant application to cover the junk coming up from the old city dump.

   Hello Pilots,
    I am sending you this reminder about our Remote Possibilities President's Day Fly-In scheduled for Feb. 24th & 25th in St. George, Utah.
     We are very excited to see familiar faces, and meet new friends.
      Please pass the word along….

     We look forward to seeing you at the event !!
    Joe Kirton
    Remote Possibilities
    Vice President

Olson Field

Olson Field
A Planes Eye View by Dave Simmons


> Directions to Olson Field - Go East on Coppermine Road, turn right onto Border St. and follow road as it turns to the left. Field is on the right before the Gun Club.

> Visitors welcome - Only pilots and their spotters allowed on the runway.

> To fly - Our club and AMA Membership required

(out of town guests with AMA membership may fly 6 times a year free but should be accompanined by a Lake Powell R/C Club Member. - call 928-645-3962 for more information

Come fly with us

Come fly with us
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