Thursday, October 12, 2017

Minutes of October 10, 2017 Lake Powell RC Modelers Meeting

Present: Bob Martin, Joe McPhail, Tom Zwack, Pam Brown

1.       A reminder that your name and address or AMA number should be on your plane.
2.       Joe reports that the field is alive and healthy.  85% of the weeds were taken care of by the dragging he did last weekend.  The club needs a more substantial drag made of metal sifting grate and 4x4 angle iron edges.  Joe will ask Judy Kitson and Page Steel for materials.  Watch for sinkholes where the underlying junk is collapsing. Thanks to Joe for his work on the field!
3.       Workday Saturday, October 28 at 10:00 AM.  We will be working on weeds in the pit area.  Please bring flamethrowers and shovels.  The tan potty needs to be cleaned, chemical and  6 gallons of water.  There is some fence repair to do.  The runway is still solid and in good shape. There is some water damage needing repair on the NE side.  Bring vice grips to help adjust belt placement. Not a lot of work, but some attention is required before we go into winter.  See you there!
4.       Treasurer Report from Tom Zwack: Balance $3921.80.  Tom has receipts for Jon and George.  Tom will purchase chemicals for potty.
5.       Fly! Fly! Fly!  Joe reported that the Kanab Fly in last weekend had a good showing.  Tom has been given a 54” Pitts biplane with new transmitter/receiver and 120 four-stroke engine from Leroy Wicklund.

Pam Brown 928-614-8628

Olson Field

Olson Field
A Planes Eye View by Dave Simmons


> Directions to Olson Field - Go East on Coppermine Road, turn right onto Border St. and follow road as it turns to the left. Field is on the right before the Gun Club.

> Visitors welcome - Only pilots and their spotters allowed on the runway.

> To fly - Our club and AMA Membership required

(out of town guests with AMA membership may fly 6 times a year free but should be accompanined by a Lake Powell R/C Club Member. - call 928-645-3962 for more information

Come fly with us

Come fly with us
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