Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Minutes of Lake Powell RC Modelers Meeting April 11, 2017

Present: Tom Zwack, Joe and Abby McPhail, Pam Brown

1.        Treasurer Report: Members paid and up to date are Tom Zwack, Pam Brown, Bob Martin, and Tom Morony.  Balance before memberships are deposited is $3581.80.
2.       Tom Zwack will ask Ken Sichi for a bid to move sand at airfield to fill washouts.
3.       Airfield Work Day on Sunday, April 23 at 9 AM.  Tom Zwack will bring sprayer, weedkiller, pumper and water barrel.
4.       Fly Day for Club will be Sunday, April 30.  Bring a plane and enjoy the sport of RC Modelling!
5.       Tom Zwack will host the May, June, and July meetings at his house.  Pam will be travelling around the Great Lakes.
6.       Motion, second and passed to elect officers for 2017-2018 year: President Pam Brown, Vicepresident Joe McPhail, Treasurer Tom Zwack, and Safety Officer Bob Martin.
7.       Pam shared letter to Airport Director stating the location of our airfield and that we fly from dawn to dusk all days of the week.  This meets the FAA requirements since we are within five miles of the airport.
8.       Next project: striping runway.

Olson Field

Olson Field
A Planes Eye View by Dave Simmons


> Directions to Olson Field - Go East on Coppermine Road, turn right onto Border St. and follow road as it turns to the left. Field is on the right before the Gun Club.

> Visitors welcome - Only pilots and their spotters allowed on the runway.

> To fly - Our club and AMA Membership required

(out of town guests with AMA membership may fly 6 times a year free but should be accompanined by a Lake Powell R/C Club Member. - call 928-645-3962 for more information

Come fly with us

Come fly with us
Lessons with a buddy box