Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lake Powell RC Modelers Minutes, January 10, 2017

Members Present:  Pam Brown, Tom Zwack, Jon Ridpath

1.       Treasurer’s Report: Balance $3801.80
2.       Schedule for Meetings:  Election of officers at the March Meeting.  Membership dues of $40 are for April 1 to March 31.  Let’s see how many new members we can recruit.  Please invite someone that you would like to have join our club.
3.       Tom Zwack will contact Bill Diak about progress of grant for field improvements.

4.       Runway needs raked to fill in washouts and cover ruts.  A steel garden rake with sturdy tines will probably be best tool for the job.  If you can take a few minutes this week, please rake what you can of the runway.  If weather permits, members can meet at the field on Friday morning between nine and ten to rake and smooth the runway as much as possible before the predicted rains for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Temperatures are predicted for the high forties.  Frozen ground is pretty hard to rake so these temperatures will help us.  If we can get the runway as smoothly raked as possible, we will be prepared to roll the field when there is sufficient moisture.

Olson Field

Olson Field
A Planes Eye View by Dave Simmons


> Directions to Olson Field - Go East on Coppermine Road, turn right onto Border St. and follow road as it turns to the left. Field is on the right before the Gun Club.

> Visitors welcome - Only pilots and their spotters allowed on the runway.

> To fly - Our club and AMA Membership required

(out of town guests with AMA membership may fly 6 times a year free but should be accompanined by a Lake Powell R/C Club Member. - call 928-645-3962 for more information

Come fly with us

Come fly with us
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